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With our new and proven technology, we’re always in tune with the times. With these at our disposal, we would like to lay the foundations to achieve a better quality of life for everyone.


It is not just ourselves, but also our products which are flexible and adaptive. This combination allows us to develop a system suited to you. Your ideas become a reality through us!


“Innovation” isn’t just a word for us. We develop with heart and soul. Our competent and motivated development team is constantly realising innovative new concepts.

Development and production of optical Motion capture Systems and 3D Force Plates for precise analysis.



The success story of LaiTronic GmbH has been defined by more than 18 years of experience and competence in optical measurement and sensory technology. With long-standing know-how in the motion capturing field, LaiTronic GmbH ranks among the global pioneers in optical motion analysis. A multitude of name-worthy customers from research, practical and industrial fields rely on the precision and dependability of LaiTronic systems. Constantly flexible, innovative and open to new ways of thinking, we are setting standards in 4D measurement technology. With unique, cutting-edge technology which guarantees efficiency and sustainability, our systems achieve added value – economical as well as ecological.

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A look behind the scenes ofLaiTronic GmbH

A short insight into the development. The LaiTronic Motion Team at work.