Do you place extreme value on precise 3D motion recording, high data quality and immediate analysis results? Do you additionally require an easy to operate system for daily use, which can also complete and meet highly complex measurement tasks? If so, then the compact MOTION CAPTURING systems from Laitronic are your ideal solution.

In combination with Steinbichler software solutions such as GaitLab or SpineLab, all relevant data, e. g. for three-dimensional whole-body gait tracking or tracking of spine movement, can be quickly and simply collected.

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However, if it is related to 3D acquisition and evaluation of highly complex motion sequences, every conceivable option of motion tracking is possible with the freely configurable AS XPLORE software. Many other hardware components, e.g. force plates, pressure plates, EMG, video cameras and external triggers can even be combined with an MCU tracking unit. Additionally, up to 8 MCU tracking units can be coupled for maximum measurement volume and even more flexibility during use.


GaitLab provides you with a software package that is designed for the daily use in analyzing gait movement of a test person swiftly and easily. Gait tracking can either include the entire body or concentrate on the lower extremities. This is dependent on the case.

On completion of the measurement, GaitLab automatically analyzes the gait parameters by comparing these with the standards set by J. Perry. The results are clearly shown in graphs and charts, hence enabling deviations from the standards given to be recognized instantly.

The SpineLab software package records up to 35 predefined individual movements of the subject and uses these to automatically analyze the three-dimensional mobility of the spine using reference values and bilateral comparison. The graphs also disclose and document the movement dynamics.


In combination with the AS X-PLORE analysis software, the LAITRONIC MOTION CAPTURING systems can create numerous biomechanical models.
Real time motion recording with up to 63 markers can be flexibly combined with diverse components such as further tracking units, force plates and analog signals. Thanks to integrated or especially configured biomechanical analyses, the software combines a wide range of motions and force measurement data as to the customers’ specific requirements.
An interface to external biomechanical software, e. g. C-Motion, enables the user additional freedom to work on individual scientific topics within the biomechanics. It is also possible to easily export the recorded data in its appropriate format and to further process it in a versatile amount of ways.


Numerous application options are also possible with the LAITRONIC MOTION CAPTURING systems outside of the classical application area. Whether it be in research or industry, aerospace or robotics, in health care or in the performing arts sector – wherever movement characteristics of the body or of objects are recorded and analyzed in the three-dimensional space, the MOTION CAPTURING systems from LAITRONIC are the first choice.

Should you have any questions, a research topic or are already participating in a project, we would be more than pleased to support you. Feel free to contact our expert team at Steinbichler Austria and let us find the ideal solution for your special requirements together.

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